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Freemotion Selectorized Shoulder, Styrkemaskiner - Axlar

The Freemotion EPIC Shoulder Press has been redesigned to target shoulder muscles through a converging access pattern and unilateral arm movement. This machine guides users to move in a natural range of motion that's intuitive and effective, while a lower tower height promotes an open feel.

Freemotion Selectorized Lat Raise, Styrkemaskiner - Axlar

The Freemotion EPIC Lateral Raise builds strength in the shoulders with arms that move independently to create single or dual exercises. Less time adjusting the fit on this machine means more time targeting coveted shoulder muscles to improve strength in everyday life. A new, lower tower height promotes an open feel.

Freemotion Genesis Multi Plane Shoulder, Styrkemaskiner - Axlar

The Genesis Shoulder Press welcomes people to a more effective workout. There's no intimidation factor on this machine, just a better way to build shoulder definition. When the person chooses to stand, core muscles are activated to get more out of a standard workout. The Genesis Shoulder Press is constantly evolving - every time a member uses it they can upgrade the challenge to gradually see results over time.


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