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Freemotion Genesis Squat, Styrkemaskiner - Ben

The 70 lbs (31 kg) counter weight of the Genesis Squat is just one of the advantages of this machine. Designed by Freemotion trainers, the rugged, curved platform alleviates stress and pressure on the ankle, while the 'over the shoulder' pad is extra plush. The machine naturally puts the member in the perfect squat position and weight selection is easy: squat deep and the machine will pick up the ideal weight. Put one leg behind and now you've got a calorie-burning weighted lunge.

Freemotion Selectorized Calf, Styrkemaskiner - Ben

The EPIC Calf Extension is welcoming to users of all shapes and sizes. The machine allows for greater isolation of the calf muscles, while helping build mobility. A new, lower tower height promotes an open feel.

Freemotion Selectorized Glute, Styrkemaskiner - Ben

The Glute muscles are some of the most powerful muscles in the body and play a crucial role in performance, such as squats, lunges, deadlifts and other movements to reduce the risk of injury. The easy to adjust chest pad and start position allows users to personalize their workout.

Freemotion Selectorized Leg Curl, Styrkemaskiner - Ben

Spring-loaded and counterbalanced, the Freemotion EPIC Leg Curl strengthens the upper leg. By creating a wide range of motion, users can focus their efforts on strengthening leg muscles, while a lower tower height promotes an open feel.

Freemotion Genesis Total Quad/Hip, Styrkemaskiner - Ben

The no-adjustment, open design of the Genesis Quad has zero learning curve. One size fits all; simply select the weight, drop the foot in the tough foot cage and get to work. Face the machine or turn away and grip the handle to target the front and back of the leg. A nice alternative to the traditional machine that has people lying down with glutes in the air. The smart drop down platform creates the perfect path to swing the leg without raising the hip.

Freemotion Selectorized Leg Press, Styrkemaskiner - Ben

The redesigned Freemotion EPIC Leg Press is welcoming to users of all sizes, thanks to a lower weight tower and open design. A thoughtful counterweight makes finding the perfect fit easy, quick and personalized. The grip-coated platform ensures secure footing while the machine's natural movement targets muscles in the upper legs and fully extends the body.

Freemotion Epic Free Weight Pl Calf, Styrkemaskiner - Ben

The EPIC Plate Loaded Calf ergonomically targets calf and foot muscles to give your members the ability to isolate this critical muscle group. Your clients will love that the non-slip Line-X® coating stabilizes foot placement to optimize improved muscle activation – while the dynamic rollers deliver a smooth and natural rep that allows you to feel the weight, not machine friction. Your team will love that the nickel-plated weight storage bar prevents corrosion and rust, and we've even electrostatically powder-coated the 11-gauge steel tubing with paint that we put through 2,000 hours of salt spray testing.

Freemotion Genesis Multi Plane Calf, Styrkemaskiner - Ben

There's no other calf machine like the Genesis Calf by Freemotion. With independent, floating foot rests, members can strengthen one leg at a time or together. Ideal for those who want to build bigger, better definition, the Genesis Calf is easy to use with a hand trigger and one-step seat adjustment. Everyone fits on this piece that creates a progressive workout over time.

Freemotion Epic Free Weight Pl-Squat, Styrkemaskiner - Ben

The EPIC Plate Loaded Squat features a unique contoured platform which enables users to maintain correct ankle alignment. It’s also textured with Line-X® to ensure stable foot placement. Contoured shoulder pads swivel and slide to comfortably fit a wide variety of people. And, low plate load design allows for easy loading and unloading, no higher than waist level. Other features include a weight-locking lever, safety stop, bolt-down holes and heavy-duty steel construction. The Plate Loaded Squat is also electrostatically powder-coated for an eye-catching finish.

Freemotion Genesis Ds Quad / Hamstring, Styrkemaskiner - Ben

Engage multiple muscles and unlock explosive leg power with the Genesis DS™ Quad-Ham machine. This machine functionally trains the leg muscles to work together to increase power, stability and joint protection for everyday life activities. Each leg movement utilizes cable-based training with innovative swivel pulley design to provide full exercise flexion and targeted muscle training. Vertical handles and the large textured Line-X® platform provide excellent grip and stability.

Freemotion Selectorized Leg Extension, Styrkemaskiner - Ben

The Freemotion EPIC Leg Extension provides a supported position isolating the muscles of the quads. The padded leg assembly adjust in 3 positions to fit a variety of users.

Freemotion Genesis Total Glute/Hamstring, Styrkemaskiner - Ben

There's no faking it on this machine. The Genesis Hamstring is a genuine muscle builder; plant one foot, slip the other into the heavy-duty cage to start building stability and strength. The burn isn't just in the hamstring - this machine pulls in glute muscles through the superior, consistent resistance of Freemotion cable. Twist the leg to hit inner and outer thigh muscles, with a bonus burn in the core. This machine fits everyone, with zero adjustment.

Freemotion Selectorized Adduction / Abduction, Styrkemaskiner - Ben

The open, accessible design of the EPIC Hip Adduction/Abduction machine by Freemotion makes working the thighs easier for all body types. This comfortable, non-restrictive design with a lower weight tower, features pivoting pads to create two leg workouts in one machine. Multiple start positions isolate and strengthen inner and outer upper leg muscles to contribute to an all over strength training workout.

Freemotion Selectorized Prone Leg Curl (Non-Lm), Styrkemaskiner - Ben

The Freemotion EPIC Prone Leg Curl enhances strength and muscle with a specialized, contoured arm that supports and isolates hamstrings. A new, lower tower height promotes an open feel.

Freemotion Epic Free Weight Plate Loaded Leg Press, Styrkemaskiner - Ben

This heavy-duty piece of equipment has a starting resistance of 90 lbs (40.8 kg) and a maximum load weight of 900 lbs (408 kg). The four-bar linkage on the EPIC Plate Loaded Leg Press allows the lower body to move in a more natural pattern and helps reduce stress on the knees. Tough grip Line-X® coating ensures stable foot placement while a sophisticated weight-locking lever ensures safe and easy use. Each load bar is positioned for easy entry and exit and pre-drilled holes can be bolted to the floor for added stability.


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